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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd. founded in 1980s, have been manufacturing slewing bearings for more than 20 years. The diameters of the race track of slewing bearing range Φ200mm~5000mm. In January of 2013, Haoyao brand was awarded as Shangdong Famous Brand title.
Yantai Tiancheng Machinery Co.,Ltd. founded in 2015, specializes in wind turbine slewing bearings. With an investment of $59 million, we are equipped with the best equipment and quality management system. As a sister company of Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co.,Ltd.,we carry on their experience in design, manufacturing, quality controlling, etc. Now we are trusted by our customers for our world-class design, exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance system.



Analysis of Gear Processing Efficiency of Slewing Bearing

Analysis of Gear Processing Efficiency of Slewing Bearing

The slewing bearing takes a lot of time from the forging to the finished product until it is sent to the user's hand. The length of the delivery process depends largely on the processing efficiency of the slewing bearing. In recent years, in order to adapt to the machining accuracy of the slewing bearing machining , the improvement of production efficiency requirements, hobbing technology continues to develop in the direction of full CNC, zero transmission, high speed, high precision, intelligent, etc., hobbing processing accounts for about 45% of the total slewing bearing processing, and for large diameter, large The slewing bearing processing of the modulus, the milling tooth processing also shows the characteristics of good machining precision, high efficiency and convenient programming. The slewing bearing is a large-sized bearing with low speed and heavy load operation. Usually, the inner ring or the outer ring is toothed. It is used to connect two large parts that need relative rotation. It is widely used in engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery and other fields. In recent years, due to the country's strong investment in infrastructure, new energy equipment and other fields, the market demand for slewing bearings has also increased sharply, and there is often a shortage of supply. On the other hand, there are many domestic slewing bearing manufacturers, especially in the Xuzhou area. It is the key to stand out in the fierce market competition while maximizing cost reduction under the premise of ensuring product quality. Tooth processing is the longest process in the production process of slewing bearings, and it is also one of the most important factors that have restricted the production efficiency of slewing bearings. The traditional slewing bearing tooth processing usually has two methods of gear shaping and hobbing. It is processed by the exhibition principle, the machine tool price is low, the cutting amount is small each time, and the processing efficiency is low. In recent years, the slewing bearing industry has gradually promoted a high-speed milling processing method, which is processed by the profiling principle. The machine tool is expensive, and the amount of machining is large each time, and the processing efficiency is high. It can be seen that milling and hobbing processing have advantages in terms of efficiency and equipment cost. In the case of sufficient market demand, the processing efficiency of the slewing bearing ring gear milling is better than the hobbing processing, and the milling tooth processing cost is lower than the hobbing processing.
How to maintain the slewing ring of the crane?

How to maintain the slewing ring of the crane?

When carrying out maintenance work, first of all, be aware of the danger of being dragged into the rotating pinion, the risk of crushing and shearing. When performing the following tasks, make sure that any maintenance workers are not in the danger zone between the main arm, the upper car and the reel, or between the disembarkation and the reel when starting the engine for the necessary revolving and luffing operations. In the danger zone, the crane operator (in the driver's cab) is excluded. Check the slewing bearing bolt 1. Before the crane works or at least once a week, visually inspect the bolts on the slewing ring; 2. After the slewing bearing works for 100 working hours for the first time, check whether the bolts are loose, and check again after the 300th working hour; Check every 500 working hours; shorten the inspection interval for bad conditions. If the bolt is loose during the inspection, please stop the construction work and immediately contact the local after-sales service department. The factory or professional technicians will make an inspection and decide whether to disassemble and inspect it immediately. 3. The slewing bearing is filled with lithium before installation. Base grease; 4, when replacing the bolt, wipe the bolt clean, apply screw fastening glue and tighten; use the crane according to the operation manual and lifting performance table, or check the fastening bolt regularly according to requirements, you can avoid The danger of bolt fatigue damage. Routine inspection of slewing bearings 1. Regularly check the flexibility of the rotation; if noise or impact is found, stop the inspection immediately, eliminate the fault, and dismantle the inspection if necessary; 2. Regularly check whether the rotating ring gear has cracks or breakage, and whether the meshing tooth surface has any bite, cut, or tooth surface peeling; 3. Regularly check the integrity of the seal. If the seal is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it is found to fall off, it should be reset in time. Lubricate the tooth surface of the slewing ring The slewing ring gear is coated with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. The anti-rust effective period is generally 3 to 6 months. After the expiration date, the anti-rust oil should be applied in time. In addition, in use, the slewing ring is protected from direct sunlight exposure. It is forbidden to directly flush the slewing bearing with water to prevent it from entering the raceway, so as to prevent the hard foreign matter from approaching or entering the tooth meshing zone. Lubricate the raceway of the slewing ring The raceway must be filled with grease regularly according to the working environment. After the first working 50 working hours, the raceway should be filled with grease and then injected once every 300 working hours. The slewing ring must be filled with grease before and after prolonged placement. If you use a steam jet cleaner or a fixed sprinkler to clean the crane, care must be taken to ensure that water does not penetrate the slewing ring connection and then the slewing ring connection must be lubricated. Special working conditions, such as tropical, high humidity, high dust, large temperature changes, and continuous operation, should shorten the lubrication cycle. Filling grease should be carried out with the slewing ring rotating slowly. When the grease overflows from the seal, the filling is completed, and the spilled grease will form a film to seal.
Slewing bearing and ordinary bearing difference!

Slewing bearing and ordinary bearing difference!

The slewing bearing is a large bearing that can withstand the combined load and can withstand large axial, radial loads and overturning moments. The slewing bearing is also called a slewing bearing, and some people also call it a rotary support and a rotary support. There are differences in the working effect and size between the slewing bearing and the ordinary bearing. So, what is the difference between the slewing bearing and the ordinary bearing? The slewing bearing is identical to the bearing and has a rolling element and a raceway with a raceway. However, compared with ordinary rolling bearings, there are still big differences. Let's talk about the difference between the two. The biggest difference between slewing bearing and ordinary bearing: 1. The installation method is different. The slewing bearing is not mounted on the mandrel like the ordinary bearing and is installed in the bearing housing. Instead, it is fixed on the upper and lower supports by screws. 2, slewing bearings generally have to bear several aspects of the load, not only to withstand axial forces, radial forces, but also to withstand large overturning moments. Therefore, a set of slewing bearings often function as several sets of ordinary rolling bearings. 3. The running speed of the slewing ring is low, usually below 50 rpm. In many cases, the slewing ring does not operate continuously, but only rotates back and forth within the angle, which is equivalent to a so-called "swing bearing". 4, the size of the slewing bearing is larger than the ordinary bearing, its diameter is usually 0.4 ~ 10 meters, and even some diameters reach 40 meters. 5. Normally, the slewing bearing is provided with a ring gear for rotational driving and a sealing device for dustproofing. 6. In terms of manufacturing processes such as materials and heat treatment, there are great differences between slewing bearings and rolling bearings. Therefore, in the purchase of bearings, but also according to the size of the machine to choose, according to their own needs to choose the right product is the most important.

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